A Date with my girl friend

“Shit! It is five already. She will reach there by five thirty.”

I was just out of the bed, worried a bit and was thinking to find some convincing excuses. I got dressed up and went to wash my face and to get ready soon.

My mom stopped me,” Hey! Wait! Are you planning to go anywhere? I already told you, your father’s friend’s son is coming this evening and he will leave by tomorrow morning. Your father said, you should stay today. Don’t you want to spend some time with him?”

“Spend time with that dog? No way. I am going out. I am anyway going to see that damn face tonight after I return. And… er… I am not sharing my room with him tonight”.

“He is eager to see you. Give him some respect. He is doing his MBA and that too in a top college”.

“I also heard that it is a good college”.

“Who told you?”

“That bastard only told me its a good college. It is actually a useless college”. It is natural that all the parents think that if some family friend’s son studies somewhere he is studying in a good college for sure. But even though we manage to get a decent college they are not convinced.

I spent some time to set my hair. It is one of the toughest challenges of my life. It was then five twenty. I rushed to my bike and flew away in no time before my mom talks further. When driving through the streets a voice stopped me.

“Hey! Venkat! How are you? How is life?”- An old school friend of mine.

“Fine man! You?”

” Yup, doing well. Now also you are doing well I hope as you did in the school. Give your number man.”

“Okay! Give me a missed call later” Before he says anything I was in first gear and accelerated. I told myself, “Hmm! Murphy’s Law”.

In these situations, people come from hell to irritate us. But when you search for them it takes a long time to find them. I reached the place by five forty five and she was not there as I had wished. Men are happy even if they have to wait- a natural tendency. In front of the restaurant there are many shops all selling food of different types.

At the corn shop a girl was great looking. I was just enjoying how she ate them one by one. Her eating speed definitely helped me to pass my time.

At last my girls came by six five. “Hi”- A usual starter. “How long have you been waiting?”

“For a while”

“What you have been doing outside the hotel?”

“Enjoying the beauty!”

“What beauty?”. I did not even think that I would be caught that early.

“I meant I was waiting here to see your entry. What could possibly be more beautiful than this?”

I thought she would go crazy but responded back with a dull expression and went inside the hotel. “Again flop!”

I just followed her. Women do not always like you when you allow them to lead you, but this one loves to dominate. We found some three or four tables and my eyes were on a corner table which would us give some privacy under a nice dim orange light. Then I saw a pink light and she was already sitting underneath it. I did not get the nerve to ask her move from her place.

“This place looks pretty cool”- I told her.

“It will be, because I chose it”- She said with a smile as if she was the one who designed the entire place. For ten minutes she was surfing the menu and ordered a plain sandwich. I had actually planned to eat some stomach filling stuff. To maintain my dignity I ordered a cheese burger and after a you-pig look from her I changed to ordinary burger. I have wondered many times why women are so diet conscious. They always want to maintain their figure. She is already very thin and rarely eats anything.

“This menu card has got nothing.”- She said and I felt that statement was just too much for a ten page menu card.

“Yes! Nowadays they make only what people frequently order. Hay! That day also you were wearing the same thing.” I thought women wear a thing only one in six months.

“No,This is off-white. That dress is eggshell white.” She was wearing everything in white including shoes, ornaments, watch and even purse thinking that she was looking like an angel. She had many shoes of the same model but in different colors. She hates some dresses and calls them fat clothes. These things and other women are understood only by women.

“I see. How is college?”

“Don’t talk about that. I lost my grades in two subjects.” (Lost means she lost A and got B)

“Don’t worry. You can make it up next time”. Her face suddenly shrinked. I was afraid that whole day will become dull but fortunately they turned on the juke box. (Style- shivaji)

“Hey! I like this song. Do you? Tell me”,[energy meter shows error “out of range”].

“It is ok”.

“Just an ok?”

“What is there in this?”

“What more do you need?”

“I like songs that are far more euphonious and well composed.” Again energy dropped. I don’t know why girls fluctuate just for silly things. I did not know what to say. Waiter then arrived to my rescue. Just after he kept the stuff on the table I started eating. In a bite one-fourth of the stuff was over. I was looking at the bitten spot and was examining the contents. She was just staring at me and I did not know why. Then I realized I was holding sandwich in my hand. I knew I was in trouble.

“You don’t have table manners. That is why I am avoiding your dates often. See what you have done.”

“One fourth is gone and it won’t come back.”- I fumbled.

“I know that”. I had to think for a better statement.

“Be cool. You eat burger. It is the same stuff like bread. Mostly same vegetables will be used to make them.”

“No. I am not going to eat. You have eaten mine already.” After I told sorry some ten times she started.She Just ate a little bit.

I was looking like “Anyway you are going to eat? Why are you making a useless scene?” She could read me and at once stopped eating.

“Eat!”- I requested.

“I am not your dog. Don’t force me to eat”

“My dog is not like you, it will listen to me always.”

“What? You are comparing me with your dog? Why should always I listen to you?” She tried to bring out tears but that was not just enough.

“No! Please understand”

“I understood”

“See. This is not a big thing. Instead of bread you eat burger. Simple thing. After all they are same.”

“You men are all like this. How all things can be same? Don’t you have principles in life?”

“No big deal. Bread is almost as same as bun. Nothing wrong in my view. You need not be logical all the time”

“For you they are same. For you even your dog and I are no different.”

“I did not say that”

“You meant it”

“It is girls who differentiate. Girls only differentiate beige, eggshell and off-white. They only differentiate between shoes of the same model. We don’t.” – I told with a stubborn voice.

“Men don’t have values. For them everything is same. You will even change your girl friend. She will be exactly the same as me to you.”

She was angry and volume boosted up. People sitting next to us were seeing us. Even one guy was following us so much that when I accidentally saw him his dress had already been spoiled by ketchup and yet he did not notice that and continued to observe the conversation. Those types are really irritating.

“Men do have values. But we can’t tolerate when women analyze un-necessary things. They throw tantrums. They argue for nothing. They try to be artificial all the time.”

“So, finally what is your argument?”

“I am not throwing any argument. You only are.”

“See, you can’t understand me after all. This shows…”

“Why should I understand in the first place?”

“Why should I be with you? I have wasted my time being with you. Bye.”

“Wait… At least wait till I pay the bill”

“Thanks for reminding me. Here is my share.”

She kept fifty bucks on the table. Then she started leaving. I kept the remaining amount there and left.

“Wait…” I was holding her hand. People were watching. I was following her.

Finally worst of all, a family friend came there. Who the hell had called him to come over there? At sixties, why does that son of a bitch want a meal in a restaurant that is consdered as a lover’s paradise? Anyways, I did not want to be seen by him. So could not follow her and so could not convince her. That date was totally spoiled…

The moral of the story is simple. Men and Women are different in every way and only by understanding this life can be happy… Or life will be full if incidents like the one I have just mentioned that I had in my dream…

Initially posted in the blog “TANTALIZING TEXTURES”


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