O Puhlease! Not again

I think I can say something about education, so shall I. It is a rummy thing, this education. The word immediately reminds me of the famous song from the legandary Pink Floyd, ‘The Wall’ which says ‘Teachers! leave the kids alone, all you are is just another brick in the wall’, brilliant. Every summer all … More O Puhlease! Not again


O! my neck!

I am not a sort of person who really cares too much about his health. I believe that I have a natural immunity to most of the diseases as I have had them all already. The last time I had a treatment of some sort was when I was in school and the arrival of … More O! my neck!

Time Well spent

Generally I do not write reviews or articles about things which I like most. The simple reason is others may find it worse than boring and even mawkish if it gets to be. But I am afraid I can’t help doing this. I am not exactly what you call person with mind full of merry. … More Time Well spent


Mega structures which are amazing, multi-purpose machinery, revolutionary gadgets, advanced culture, continuous expansion, destruction of fellow beings, sheer dominance, these are all the identities of the mankind. Or at least we were told to believe so. But it was quite a different story in the past. Evolution biologists with beards after a lot of research … More Domination