Traffic Manners


“I wish India would become a good looking nation”, I have heard a lot of people saying this. I too wish for a cleaner India full of lambos, Mercs and Beemers. Even the highest of suspension technologies won’t help drivers in India, which has the bumpiest of roads in the world, sometimes it may even kill you. But before blaming the environment first let’s ask a question ourselves. Do we contribute to making a neat road, free mobility of vehicles? Do we all have the so called traffic manners? Nay!

“It’s getting late!! What the…?” I just cut the telephone and started to meet my girl friend who was waiting at the town center five kilometers from then. So, I was inside my well maintained saloon struggling to resist the temptation as I can’t drive through the street faster. There are some irritating kids who play some ridiculous game, they call it cricket. After six minutes, I just got onto a decent road. When I just felt the pleasure of burying my foot into the pedal, I was bound to press the brakes hard.

If you want to see a worst driver, that would probably be an Indian owning a 100 c.c. bullshit. A lot of people like this collectively form the worst breed. All they do is to enter into the gaps and give no room for cars. Some even manage to take a U and escape the jam. We bloody car drivers can’t do that. Many such morons buried themselves into the jam. I managed to keep moving without leaving a gap between other cars. Otherwise bikes will cause a jam in the perpendicular direction also. At last I reached the top of the bridge and in that sprint I recoded a top speed of 2’’ a second. As I started to feel relieved, again a block came. This time ladies (we all know about their driving) in their scooters were the culprits. I don’t know why they have engines because they push the vehicle with foot using the third law, damn they. Again the pain was relieved. I was already disappointed to let many pass my vehicle, and then I felt the height of insult finally. In the hard to move traffic a 50c.c. took over me. “Hey, you don’t even have a bike, you idiot. Do you think you have your hands on an R1? How dare you? “Luckily he got out of my sight, surely would have created another jam somewhere else.

So, drivers please have some manners. Don’t use your sick indicators to indicate overtaking as some something does it. And don’t create jams just because of impatience. Most importantly remember you are not sitting on a super bike. Please make Indian roads look good, even though this doesn’t bother me much. What does bother me is the fear of my next date too getting spoiled.


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