Mega structures which are amazing, multi-purpose machinery, revolutionary gadgets, advanced culture, continuous expansion, destruction of fellow beings, sheer dominance, these are all the identities of the mankind. Or at least we were told to believe so.

But it was quite a different story in the past.

Evolution biologists with beards after a lot of research traced back 500 million years in the past. The world was dominated by insects then. The oldest ancestor of us mammals is the one from which the whole of the vertebrates evolved. We were the weakest and were prey to most of the animals.

Lucky mass destruction destroyed the mega bugs. The world 400 million years ago was then dominated by Mollusks. They also could not survive changes and the next generation of the oldest ancestors luckily survived. Then insects made a mistake and entered the land. Then the vertebrates evolved as dominant animals.


So, the message is clear. The bugs have taken us nearly to extinction. If that had happened huge insects would have been the most intelligent today. We have had a lucky day in the past.

This is what the research says. Clearly their message is this.

“Lets forget this dominance and put efforts to conserve nature. If we don’t those days will be back in the future. Don’t think we are the most dominant.”

We can not understand why these strange things happen. But one thing is sure, nature will never remain static.

So what shall we do. Enjoy as much as possible till we remain the best…

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