About the rambler

Self appraisal as a general rule is not only awkward but also totally incorrect. I am one of those fellows who has been plunging into the surface of an imaginary planet of wisdom and has not yet stumbled upon a mine of any sort. To be fair, when I say plunging, it’s mostly just a sort of grazing that usually does not yield much treasures. I can certainly describe myself as a man of curious but arbitrary nature. I have tried my hands on learning music, collecting stamps, teaching children, building robots, writing programs, playing video games, painting, reading, pod-casting, fragrance and soap making and finally writing. Unfortunately I have not been good enough at any of these to be able to make a living out of the same. I do have a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering and that does not seem to be close to what I used to dream about. The curriculum is more suited to the needs of the modern world and trains the students to be able to fit a corporate environment. I do have a full-time job in the corporate world and I certainly do not want this sort of thing to go on all my life. I am going to say, that my writing work is something that can be said to be operating in discovery mode still trying to find a footing upon which an audience of sort can be established. Another snag that I always have when I think of things to write about is the sheer impossibility of writing anything exciting,as I am in many ways a Mr. Unadventurous who is forever inclined towards gentlemen hobbies. Mostly of the entries you would find are on completely random thoughts and inferences on how I think world works. This started out as an act of kindness originally, when I decided to replace my hobby of decapitating cockroaches. Some of the blokes I used to know have kindly expressed their concerns about my writing career that I have not been plunging into important matters of the modern world or what they would have called ‘the hot stuff’. I prefer discussing more implicit phenomena. The world seems to seek a lot of excitement or in other words they want their money’s worth.

I admit that I have a very inconsistent record of keeping up with the posts. I will make an effort to upload words at a reasonable speed, as there are some individuals who have subscribed to this page. The content might not pour out like the mighty amazon does into the ocean, but would be comparable to a singular spinach leaf falling on a bowl of salad. I shall not venture into grabbing the interest of the populace, but I shall bring in a bit of the old renaissance behavior. This would involve profound thoughts on trivial things and bring forth the romantic in all of us. If I can invoke a deep thought on one sensitive soul, I shall call my venture a success.


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