The local loonies have ruined my TV

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Its time for another one of my out cries. I have quite often inserted the fact into my posts that I am not very fond of watching television. But I do spend some time with it. In the evenings if one wants to heal the bruised spirit and feel a bit bucked up, one has to sit down with a cigarette and why not. It was through the aromatic smoke of a meditative cigarette I was scanning the screen of the old TV. And immediately I was very peeved.

First of all let me bore you down with some of my childhood facts. I always used to enjoy these science channels especially when they show a lion devouring a poor antelope or a zebra. That is a sight to be enjoyed by everyone, not by the zebra of course. I personally blame the zebra. When all the eco-blighters talk about camouflage and stealth these gory zebras flaunt some black and white streaks which can readily be seen by a colour blind hog. I am afraid I have digressed from the motif a bit. What I mean to say is I was a nerdy bio-freak in my school days.

That animal lover strain still persists in my blood perhaps, because I still love watching these science channels. I have been deeply touched by the documentaries of Attenborough regarding evolution and life of myriad species in this bio-sphere. I love watching documentaries showing latest developments in technology whether it makes sense or it doesn’t. Apart from all the other reasons, these channels are an excellent source of English. I still believe no one can do an eco documentary better other than old Attenborough. These programs are much better than watching movies and news. Because the words you hear in News are too boring and all that you can learn from movies are “What the ****!”

Unfortunately though, everybody doesn’t think the same. Some reactionaries or bitter faced cultural terrorists I would like to put it have promptly reacted to the feelings of people who have followed the skein of thought which I did. Those language extremists fancied that those channels ought to be voiced in the regional languages. I bet none of those parochial dick heads have watched a single episode of ‘The Show Case’, ‘Predator and Prey’ or ‘Man Vs Wild’. And nor have the imbeciles who have made noises in local languages behind the screen thinking that it goes well with the video. I initially watched a cultural documentary and thought it was a program for the mentally disabled who don’t know anything in English other than “Like, eh, ah, …”, but then I found that every single show in The Discovery has been successfully spoofed.

Then I changed to ‘The Animal planet’ unable to withstand the pain of watching ‘The Future Weapons’ in Tamil and to my relief I found a documentary being played about a sea cow that looked like a cross between a hippo and a whale. It was calmly grazing being very kind to other fellows and I felt like having one as a pet. But it seems they are not at large.

It won’t take much time for the ribald group to spoil that channel too. Its easy to understand what they are on about. They want the knowledge to reach everyone. But for a fellow who doesn’t have the basic understanding of science what difference is it going to make? They will simply think that they are showing a fishing program. We do not have any scientific words in our language. If it is about Kamasutra, yes we do. Anyway we are being governed by such narrow minded hippies who can’t accept the weakness in our language. And I do not hesitate to mention again that they are a type of terrorists.

While the infection spreads there is remotely good news as well. I was reading the other day a report on humorous things that one can watch and the list was disappointingly bad. All we have are serials where a hero might poke a girl’s bottom and you hear some inane worms laughing in the background, shows where a man throws a banana skin on other’s path, cartoons where a dog shoots the enemy with a gun and other types of non-sense. Now the only channels that make me laugh loudly are science related ones.


2 thoughts on “The local loonies have ruined my TV

  1. hey dude what you said about Tamil not having scientific words is crap…. Tamil has plenty of scientific words.. all words you come across in chemistry and physics have tamil equivalent!

    1. What scientific words? I mean we have those words that are adapted from other roots to act as a substitute. We do not have many original technical words. Thats what I meant.
      I am not against the language. I have even read a good deal of litrature in tamil and I love them. But trying to learn Photo-electric effect in it is bullshit. Even english is incapable to an extent. There is a good deal of latin in science. So, I insist in learning the original material as such.

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