Indiscriminate Intelligence

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I am not a sort of chap known among my pals for my swift thinking. And the only reason why I didn’t publish anything in this rotten old page of mine is that I couldn’t simply just write any. Suddenly a thought came when I was given a topic in an analytical writing examination which sounded something on the lines of “The Government should impose regulation of sorts to the excessive growth of technology and so forth.” that I must publish the outcomes of my efforts here in this blog. For some extraordinary reason though, I have settled on “Many Scientists in our time spend too much time with trifling projects and we hence are in need of more radical thinkers”, because I find this more germane in today’s milieu.

A very sound and popular argument that supports the above claim is that the specialists tend to have narrow foci and they fail to see the big picture mentioned god knows what that is. For me they miserably fail to see the world as it is. I was just grazing the inter-web to know what are those men in white suits and yellow goggles are upto. Sure the technical world is inundated with latest projects. But having scrutinized the crux of some of them I report with pain that those industrious fellows have gone fantastically mad.

A bloke for instance has been carrying out a study to find out why a member of a particular species of sorts hates his young son. It has been reported about the young ones that they are fleshy covered with hairs all over the body and they are suckled by multiple mothers. A sensitive parent will naturally loathe a fat, hairy, poisonous, immoral kid who goes about displaying such erotic scenes with the lady next door. So the whole study is ludicrous.

I lost count how many projects are now being done towards environmental protection. I have a point to make about global warming. Humans have already survived in ICE AGE and we are living in a warmer world now and we may most probably manage if world becomes much warmer in another fifty nine million four hundred and thirty thousand and five hundred and sixty four years and that is what was described by a nerdish chap called what-was-his-name in his Theory of Evolution. After all that is nature. We can’t prevent the happening if it ought to happen. Without comprehending that the scientists exaggerate the outcomes and tell us that we will be boiled in another three weeks and the Tasmanian rare fruit bat won’t be able to have sex. Because of those restless souls there are countless researches going on. Counting the number of shells of a not so particularly useful sea mollusc that were set aside by waves was a good one.

When are we going to land on another planet, I mean outside this solar system to meet our cousins there? Where is the next Veyron, for Pete’s sake? These were not the products of scientists. Things happen when people look at the world or for that matter the whole universe as it is or as it looks from outside. Things happen only when someone thinks, okay we are here and what kind of loonies live in the other world and how the deuce we get there? Veyron was a brilliant science exercise. But the genesis for that is a chap who wanted to rescue the company and make a car that takes all the laws of physics and tears it into pieces.


7 thoughts on “Indiscriminate Intelligence

  1. Well Done! An update after so many weeks and a pretty worthy one too; true to your personality and your general perceptions of reality. It won’t be long until they realise that a 2-way solenoid controlled DCV about the size of a fruit-fly should cut down the risk of a Heart-attack. Aren’t they supposed to be working on cancer cure?

    1. They are supposed to be doing so, for sure. But they are counting the number of shells which I am afraid is not very useful for mankind. And for those poor creatures too.
      Even today I was watching about some kind of a sea cow that is about to see its last days. I felt kind of bad for it. Nothing useful is being done to them. Its like our GEMBA. The target for them is number of projects to boost the gemba score.

    1. The number of visitors indeed depend on hoe active you are here. But writing for the sake of writing is what I prefer. General topics don’t attract many.

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