You are a bunch of lucky bastards, and I love you

This is now serious, okay. I was giving a serious thought about my future over a judicious dose of nicotine. Why in the name of all that’s holy did I qualify as an engineer, I am clueless about as I certainly seem to lack in knowledge and passion for it. I thought a careful selection of courses that I need to do in the future would fetch some satisfactory results perhaps.

For instance if you become a scientist of some sort, you need to wear white suits, rubber gloves and yellow glasses, and then your girl friend is going to run away with some sports man. Please don’t advise me to become a sports man, because I kind of can’t.

Doing an MBA is an appealing concept to the youth that talks about business and money. But it is far from that. A business man has to spend most of his life in attending meetings, sticking a plastic clamp on his ears in the name of ‘hands free’, fiddling with his laptop that has a million ports that don’t connect to anything and spending the rest of the time in gym and hospital to protect himself from certain death.

After getting frustrated that I had made a wrong decision of taking engineering after school, I started listening to music and lit my second cigarette. Then I remembered the fact that I have once been trained to make music out of a violin.

The last time I ever played my violin was about eleven years ago when it was broken er… on the trainer. Then I went on studying something called ‘Biology’ that ended in a monumental fiasco.

A sudden realization sprung from nowhere when I was in college, for reasons I can’t quite comprehend, I enrolled myself to sing in my college festival. I might have done that because it was a girl called whatsername, a thin sweet singer that was in charge of the musical events and I wanted to impress her by my talent.

That didn’t go quite well, I must report. And I caught cold and ended up in the stage singing like I was being kicked in my testicles. I am no quitter, so didn’t abandon the project and prepared myself for the next year events.

I got an opportunity to meet her more often and get something in about music. But still I couldn’t make a worse noise than an electrocuted cat on a polythene sheet. Finally the performance was satisfactory though, I needed not de-egg myself after it. In fact many said it was excellent.

As there were some girls sort of, in my office last year I tried to show off again by unleashing my talent in a function. Sure, I got plenty of appreciations and hugs, but from guys. I became angry by that, so the next time when requested to sing a melody by that infernal boss, I performed metal music.

Thing is though, recently I have developed a liking to Rock Music. There is nothing in this world that is better than listening to ‘The dark side of the moon’ in a darkened room and figuring out whether it is about hope or death or despair.

It was deeply distressing to think that if I had learnt my music lessons more earnestly I would have become a Rock star. I really am jealous of them. All they have to do is sing, drink and have a joint and then catch Chlamydia.

Yes, they are a bunch of overpaid lunatics and I absolutely adore them.

So Kids, if your parents are telling you that they want you to become an engineer, tell them that they are daft and they are ruining you.

Especially if you are an eight year old, just go and get a Guitar and get cracking NOW, or it will be too late.


8 thoughts on “You are a bunch of lucky bastards, and I love you

    1. yes… that is again in my list of things that I have gave up shortly after taking it. But i wrote it when I was feeling bad not being a musician. So, other things didn’t spring up from my mind

  1. Nice thoughts……..I feel that a person should do the think which he wants…its not related that its music or study…it should be completely the person choice……Nice Post…….

    1. I always do what I like. No trouble with that. But my liking kept changing all the time. So I ended up being good at nothing.
      Its rather too late now to reroute my career to other fields

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