Gimme my room back!

I have been always banging on about various issues in my writings or whatever it is called these days, fairly constantly. I shall if I may cry out a bit now about my personal miseries. When I shifted to Chennai, the picture I had was rather alluring. Constant visits to major centers of public activity, … More Gimme my room back!


Its boring

Let us talk about Indian cars. When you look into a buyer’s guide for Indian cars, you will come across endless boring shapes which seem to have been designed by a Human relations manager. Just have a look at their interiors, it is pretty much as you would expect, hopeless. We are not talking about … More Its boring

Concept Car ! !

Since all the latest concepts are rubbish, I have come up with a new concept car. As you can see I am not a good artist. Nowadays a concept car promises biblical performance or on the other end people are talking about battery cars. Clearly a country like India faces problems like Petrol Price hikes, … More Concept Car ! !

Cars for all

I am not going to talk about Ratan Tata’s idea of “car for all” . When I say ‘car for all’, I never mean cars that men with sparse money can afford. We need to look into this problem from a different perspective. Nano may be a wonderful piece of Engineering and when cost matters … More Cars for all