Multijet Marvel

When I think of writing about a car I would probably think of sports cars like Porsches or Ferraris or luxury cars like Rolls’ or Bentleys or crazy American cars that go fast and crash somewhere near the first corner due to understeering or angry rally cars like Subarus. But I made up my mind … More Multijet Marvel

Trance Mission

There are great many stories about the enormous changes that have taken place in this universe. So the human’s desires too change from time to time. And so are automobiles. There are momma’s boys who sit happily in the back seat of MERCS, there are lunatics who put a huge engine in pick-up trucks and … More Trance Mission

Its boring

Let us talk about Indian cars. When you look into a buyer’s guide for Indian cars, you will come across endless boring shapes which seem to have been designed by a Human relations manager. Just have a look at their interiors, it is pretty much as you would expect, hopeless. We are not talking about … More Its boring