Jaguar performance

I am going to discuss this product which I think could be a possible staple in any gentleman’s collection. Frankly, this scent has an air of refinement about it which limits its use to the well dressed. And there is an aura of maturity which combined with soft scent strength makes it less versatile owing to its limited effectiveness outside the office. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic product from a brand of perfume that is less discussed and reviewed and it was a pleasant shock to me when I tried this.


The scent composition is very much in keeping with what a Jaguar customer expects. The customer in mind is a well-dressed mature gentleman who know what he is doing, has a good grip on his life and does not care about whether or not others compliment his choices and makes his own decision more independently. Independent decision is often the necessary quality people need who wear violet heavy fragrances like Fahrenheit for they are not crowd favorites. The violet leaf is definitely made less dark with the addition of extremely fresh ingredients of mint, cypress and basil. Cypress gives is that mature flavor but is used in moderation. What makes it totally shine for me is the Basil. Anyone who likes basil in their diet and enjoy the smell of fresh basil leaves would certainly love this smell. And what makes this modern is the fact that the thing does not smell overly green. All the green elements from the herbs are really well-rounded with woods, musk, tonka-bean and a touch of spices and it has a fougere like dry down.

A bottle of this sells for $15 online. Apparently they are not priced like the cars bearing the same logo. And all I can say is that it is an absolute steal if you want something for the office or just wear it after shower. I also like the bottle shape and the choice of color. The word performance is probably not the ideal name for though it lasts for a decent amount of time, more than decent amount of time as a matter of fact, it is not intended to be loud. It could be a bit stronger but at this price, I am not going to complain much.

Pros: Refined, Classy, Fresh, Clean (never a bad thing)
Cons: Slightly mature, very soft scent bubble
Occasion: Work, another day at work
Scent: A
Longevity: B+
Projection: B
Value: A+
Overall: A

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