A Worthy Aquatic in every man’s collection

When I say every man’s collection, I do mean every man who wants a bottle of fragrance. At about $20 for 3.4 ounces, Nautica Voyage in undoubtedly an inexpensive fragrance. An inexpensive fragrance does not mean that it is cheap by any means. It creates an extremely satisfactory olfactory sensation and a feeling of freshness.

It is classified as a Woody Aquatic and it is pretty accurate for the most perceivable notes from this fragrance are apple, lotus, musk, oak-moss and cedar. What is unique is the fact that once the generic apple and green opening fades away, the mid has a very pronounced lotus heart. Lotus is a much welcome change from all the other aquatic scents in the market. The dry down is quite ordinary, but the over all performance of the scent is excellent for the price range. It is a great choice for Summer and the fragrance certainly produces a very cooling effect.

Here is my score for the product. This is my first review and I would follow the same rating system for all my fragrances that follow this post.

Pros: Extremely pleasing to the nose, great performance
Cons: Not that unusual if you want that sort of thing
Occasion: Summer, day, casual, work
Scent: B+ 
Longevity: B 
Projection: B 
Value: A+ 
Overall: A

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