Just do it yourself

Yours truly decides to come to the aid of humanity once again with a sound piece of advice. There is a world around us that is composed of many elements, things, people, objects, principles, logic and most importantly commerce. There is a good amount of money to be made out of half-wits of whom there is no shortage nowadays, by helping them get done with the most simplest of tasks.

A couple of days ago when I accidentally lost grip of my laptop, it took a shock from a three feet drop and that had apparently broken the hard disc, of which I became aware, after twelve hours of time during which it was working remarkably. Since I did not foresee the crash, I did end up losing my information and I took it like a man and prepared to live without it. If I were daft, I would have taken it to someone for diagnostic testing for a fee of thirty smackers and I was not. I already had such an experience a couple of years ago while I took a machine to a fellow to double-check my prediction of a failed graphics card. The blighter helped himself to twenty of my hard-earned dollars and told me it was a complete motherboard failure and he was wrong.

Why do these people thrive so much these days? Commerce is fuelled by demand as it always had been. It is the level of stupidity that we find in mankind these days. The better way of saying this is, that we are becoming a specialized species, increasingly. This is exactly what Bees do, some live to mate, some live to produce, some live to sacrifice, some live to parent and so on and no bee has more than one function at any given time. If we become like that and grow up to achieve a two-bit mind, it is not evolution. People got into their heads that the job of doing a task is for a fellow whose occupation suggests so. The bounder who stole my twenty note was obviously an idiot and he connected the same three wires that he does with every laptop he gets and clicked the same three buttons. These businesses are run by procedures and work instructions and not by intelligence.

And when I did purchase a new hard drive yesterday, I asked a frog faced fellow by the counter if he would not mind popping the new disc into my laptop, for I did not have a small screw driver required for the job. Then he said what he has been taught to say in these circumstances by the customer service orientation training lizards that put him there in the first place; that the installation charge was fifty dollars. For removing four screws and sliding a small drive onto a slot? Yes, that was all he had to do. I said I can attend to that matter myself and I have with satisfactory results. Why do you think he had the nerve to demand a small fortune for a tiny bit of work? Most people seem to be nitwits who gave up learning early in their lives and look at these salesmen with an expression of helplessness and those chaps can spot money when they see possibilities.

It is not fair to say that everyone has to be a well-informed practitioner of all trades. But it is hard to see why someone has to utterly fail to grip the fundamental ideas and concepts around them. I have a colleague at work who paid someone to install a sound system she bought, because she had no idea what an optical cable was and all her brain could think was that the two holes she needed to connect did not look the same. She told me she had to get professional help because she could never have figured that out, owing to the lack of an engineering degree. Come on! What is the point of going to high school? Why did these people waste most of the early portion of their lives? How? Discussing television especially that black hole of wisdom called reality shows, listening to songs every day that talk about saturday nights, watching videos of cats playing pianos and laugh at humor aimed at an audience with I.Q. below 60.

I have been through my teen ages and I am glad to say I had an effective school education where they force-fed knowledge, even using a cane if it becomes necessary. A young age is when you learn the most useful and foundational ideas in life and also that is the time when we are all vulnerable to thinking that it is really cool to be the one, who does not seem to care about anything in life. Let me say this, knowing something is not uncool. All those I considered to be frightful nibs in my school are making more money than I do. I am sad to say what became of that careless lad I knew at school who was liked by one and all for his charm and easy outlook on life. He has joined the gang now and mostly spends his time telling an eager bloke to part with his fifty dollars for a small help. The fellow that tried to do that to me was not the same lad, but only his american counterpart, hence a more gifted salesman, “We gatta laa-ta experience and a laa-ta happy customers with our Guarantee plan thats kinda¬†kickass. We kinda do a great jaab and get ya peace of mind. If ya gaata praablem within next twenny four months, we gaat ya back. Its kinda awesome value for $49.99 or for extra 10 bucks, you gaat guarantee plus…”

2 thoughts on “Just do it yourself

  1. Most of the people don’t even take an attempt to do things like this. may be it depends upon one’s priority on such jobs. How many of us know how to fix the electricity fuse, basic problems in vehicles, modem issues at home. at least we can be happy with one thing – things like this have given source of living to some people.

    1. I agree. That is what I meant my specializing our entire knowledge to know only one thing. You do not need a degree in electrical engineering to do that. This imbalance in knowledge is inflating trade and creating a lot of revenue in service based business who make that money without producing goods that indirectly causes inflation. You have people on one hand that are making a 3D printer that can print human organs and on the other hand you have those who have to restart their computer for everything.

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