A boon of books

Not for the first time I have been avoiding to write anything and this time it was almost a year that went without any incident of me writing abysmal garbage, to the profound relief of thinking men. One has his reasons for such abstinence almost every time it happens to him. One moment I was constantly keeping my page inundated with foot long writings and the next moment I completely forgot that I have this nasty habit. I suppose fate has something to do with it. Right when you progress at the rate of many miles per hour it awaits you in a corner waiting with a cane and ready to sack its victims. One may also expect that a mind not being put through a single thought for a long time would be fresh with new ideas and so on. Unsaturated or unadulterated would be the natural condition of the brain. I wasn’t surprised that I was caught in the neck when I found that nothing improved me in finding things to write about. Here I am, still having to take that old route, the diary way. Despite the fact that I haven’t become any thinker, the undeniable fact is that I am not the same as I was a year ago. I mean nothing about me that others think have been affected and all of them still consider that two hours of me is the average dose for an adult. My history is the one that has been updated with new events and things. It’s mostly the stuff that I have been doing that has greatly been changed.
A year ago I used to be a philanthropist of sorts trying to spend my time with some chaps who share the same idea of doing a bit of good for the people. This idea, I still consider a topping one. But, Here I am not spending a moment trying to perform acts of kindness. That is not because I have been doing something else all the time. As a matter of fact, I have not been doing anything at all as far as I remember. Particularly after the school was closed about a month ago the only things that I have done are play games on a computer and read a certain number of books none of which tried to improve me. I hate those that try to mold be into something by putting me into rotten ideas like self-determination and personality development. Stephen Fry once said on television that he found this new habit of audiobooks and used to take a stroll listening to the endless of list of works that he once wanted to read and described it as the supreme experience possible. I on the other hand think that its better to take in the words when you are curled up on your bed with a drink and snacks at a reaching distance by the stretch of the arm. It can get a bit monotonous which can instantly be cured by a break where you restore your muscles by painting your interiors by nicotine.

Loafing about or curled up, the point is audiobooks are wonderful things particularly when read by someone who can sound as if he is telling you a story sitting right in front of you. I particularly like a few readers whose tone and accent differed to suit different characters bringing out their salient qualities. It can go wrong sometimes too. It was a huge ordeal when I downloaded some Wodehouse stories read by an American bloke. That didn’t go well with the semi Victorian vocabulary and a lot of nasal sounds made him sound like a banjo with stomach problem. I have a theory that the audiobooks when read properly are even better than reading the real book. When we read a book we not only get all the words in but the process involves visual exercise. A bloke once said that our visual senses are more dominant. Even when we are not watching pictures and we only read text the visual sense sort of takes over. And we need that concentration because another bloke reckoned that we read by looking at the familiar shapes of the words we know. I wouldn’t want a discussion with a bloke with such a mind. But the fact is he might be true. Reading it is quicker that listening but it would strain my eyes and I can’t spend more time on it. Listening on the other hand completely leaves our other senses to their own devices and when we aren’t doing any other task with concentration we can thoroughly follow the words with no distraction. I have developed a habit of playing video games when the books goes on and it still works. I understand every bit of it with full attention and I still win the video game. That is something. Its okay if the book takes longer to read this way. But, by the time I am done with the book I will be ten levels up.


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