The lighter side of Office

I have lost count of the number of times I managed to turn up with an excuse for not publishing. The motive is definitely not to give an excuse to the readers who do not actually exist but to please myself. I have tried to lie to myself that I am regularly kept too busy to post something. This time however, I have indeed been busy with some haphazard work.

I am planning to do my Graduate studies in the United States for some extraordinary reasons and every now and then I need to get occupied with some sort of procedures as the method to accomplish that task is remarkably complicated. Whenever I am inside my office building I am busy being at leisure which requires a great deal of ability, since Idling is an innate gift and citizens who don’t have anything to do can’t simply idle. Apart from that, I fritter a few hours watching the tube and meeting associates for some amusement. In the midst of mixed things, one can only be too cool to sit and type a little. I imagine that it might be a good idea to document a few things that are happening around me in my professional setting. When you are bound to sit in a closed hall occupied by a mixture of specimens, fascinating things come about. Fortunately, I being an idler do get time to scrutinize quite a few incidents.

It’s just incredible how wrong one can go with his imagination. A boss is usually imagined as a bitter-faced moron with demonic attributes who is set to harry the subordinates. The actual boss in my case is a polite idiot-certifiable meek who runs around feverishly with a bunch of printed reports. His way of calling for someone is really humorous. He would just peep out of his cabin and cry out names. His boss however is a man of brevity. He just orders what he wants in less than four words and pushes off. But he has a habit of prowling around like a wild cat in the night looking to prey on someone. Many a times, I went through the occasion discomfort when he decides to stop somewhere near me and starts giving one of his stares.

A typical working day starts at nine for all my colleagues but I don’t like to arrive at the office and find the whole place unfilled and lifeless. Just to make certain I get to say hi to chaps, I reach usually by ten. The role of my department is to buy things of sorts. Upon my arrival I can always see my boss shouting at a phone. The matter of discussion is mostly the unethical behavior on the part of the vendor or the troublesome situation that generally prevails in the market. And then when I enter the field of his vicinity the topics become more general in nature. Some statements would be made which are supposed to be witty and I find eyes on me seeking my approval. The end of such a conversation is usually characterized by a sign of dissatisfaction and murmurs concerning an impending peril to the organization.

What drives me nuts is the fact that all those busy-bodies that get occupied with the phone for two thirds of their time think that they are single handedly saving this firm from getting into trouble. What kill me are the terminologies used in such an environment. Every time a matter of urgency props us these dumb bums get together and tell to each other, ”We need to sort out this issue” as if they are some high level myth busters doing space research. The system here supersedes common-sense.

On the lighter side, alongside such nit-wits there is a good population of jokes. One bloke in particular cheers up everyone just by laughing. Whenever he says hi to someone he laughs and whenever he gets a response he laughs twice as hard, he is a damn laugher. A couple of cabins away there is this movie bloke who irrespective of the interest shown by the listener prattles about all the movies he watched and found worthy. I usually try to put him down by saying a random word. He would find a movie title having that word in it and tell me, “that is a beautiful movie”. I respond to that by referring to a phony one. He would ensure me that it was damn good to watch. If he gets time he would even give you gist of the storyline. He hangs around with a device that can play videos and if you happen to be near him during the hours of leisure he just starts playing a video and gives a lecture on how important that collection is for him and his peers.

The best part of the office however is the place where we are allowed to smoke, that is very decent on the part of my employer to provide a space for all the nice chaps. That is undoubtedly the place where I look to go to kill time but timing here is crucial. There is this group, a really big group of fellows that go to the smoking zone in unison which has to be avoided like a tropical disease. They laugh so loud and they laugh for everything that is not funny.

And the time I have been spending since I announced my resignation has been really good. My only job nowadays to think of doing something to spend time, that’s all. I actually have absolutely no ideas to spend time wisely. I never really thought I would be so bored to do anything better than writing this piece of whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it.


4 thoughts on “The lighter side of Office

    1. I can understand your anguish. We are sort of missing those prowlings nowadays. Blame the company for being incapable of retaining awesome guys. They are soon going to face an abysmal time.

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