On reservation

I have always been against the idea of reservation for college admissions. The very concept destroys equality in the society. In India, this works in a manner that is remarkably daft. The only sensible part of the reservation is the portion that goes to the physically disabled. If a person has been born with a terrible affliction of physical disability I understand that it’s quite hard for him to study and in all fairness he must be given some consideration. But giving it to someone because he wears a pair of flippers is just laughable. The population is only seen by the politicians as vote-banks and not as humans and as a result this situation continues to persist or it may become even worse.Let me talk some facts. Today almost 71% of the seats are given away in this fashion. Discount the 5% that goes to the really deserving, almost a two-thirds of the whole thing is denied to the students. There is talk about stealing a bit more and giving it to people who have a tail. I have personally been a victim of this process. I was denied admission into medical colleges partially because the stupid high school system that gives full marks to the terminally stupid and also because they need to give most of the seats to some ruffians and road workers.

One of the recent manifestos promises to give free seats to people who haven’t heard about the good institutions. I am pretty sure that will all be from the already depressing 31% which is hard fought for. Someone who was fantastically mad had thought that there are both upper and lower class people and let us give all to the lower class and all will be equal. And the modern day politicians thrive on making this even worse. Even worse, this division is drawn simply based on caste.

I am not particularly rich, my father has got only an undergraduate degree, my mom has got less, my house can’t accommodate more than twelve people when they are all just standing, my neighbors are all idiots, my clothes used to be really cheap, my savings is nearly twenty p. and I am single. But somehow the government classifies me as high class. My seat was given to someone whose grandfather’s grandfather had a degree in washing and I couldn’t say anything because it’s racist. We can only watch other minorities stealing our breakfast and we have to let it happen because we are in all-pigs-are-equal, congress stained, secular, multi-cultural, politically corrupt, idiots filled country that would keep building walls of division in the society and think that those who seek recognition outside are traitors contributing to the Brain-drain.

I would like the idea of education reaching all not by stealing seats from the deserving, but by giving everyone a chance to fight it out. That will involve through and relentless work on the grass root level and the government and the loonies that run the show wouldn’t bother to work for the educational development. It’s easier to give things away without reason.

Sadly, there is no apparent solution to come out of this trouble unless a sort of anarchy breaks out. The country comprises of too many people who endorse such ideas and the government’s love for the extremely dim-witted doesn’t seem to fade at all. People benefited from this would never say no if the government offers them more. A vital realization is needed that these divisions in the society have to be broken. The competition has to take place on a level ground with no added advantage to anyone. Till we offer them free meal they wouldn’t fight for food.


2 thoughts on “On reservation

  1. I can understand the plight of the concerned citizen, a thinking individual. I strongly feel the need to generate fear among politicians. Perhaps knock off a couple of thick-headed goons for good. Things realy are getting sick. The verdict is vengeance, a vendetta held as a votive not in vain that would one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

  2. I am sure there still is a bunch of young men who aren’t too pleased with this particular situation. It is absolutely vital to unite them secretly into a huge group like ‘Illuminati’ and fight against the dim-witted.

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