Drugged to the limits

I relentlessly like a spot of coffee. In fact I can even assert that I am a coffee extremist. I have even gone to the extent of chewing some beans at times when I wasn’t able to find a mug of deliciousness. Nicotine on the other hand is just a pleasant chemical which I now and then enjoy. But of late I have become so attached to it that I have to get in touch atleast seven to eight times a day.

Some say that nicotine consumers are rogues and it will slay me. But a delicately rolled portion of tobacco coated with carefully extracted drugs is always a thoughtful dose. It as far as I perceive makes men better and friendlier. That fragrance possesses that sort of magic. The government however instead of encouraging this practice to promote peace and harmony and making it compulsory, put a ban on the same in public places. Now all the nice gentlemen need to go and hide somewhere in a cave to have a whiff of things.

I nowadays work in a corporate environment which is full of presentations, meetings, reviews and other such awfulness. The people here are harangued to such an extent that they need to meditate to get the stress off their heads for which they need the magic roll. I, being a hard working chap practice meditation as well whenever I need it.

For exactly the same reason at an interval of every one hour I pop out to the emergency exit to paint my throat with alternate layers of nicotine and caffeine. That isn’t the problem however. Though these drugs keep me happy such an office life with constant consumption and no physical movement has a huge threat. I might become very fat, again.

But my boss however decided that I must not put on weight. So he went on to google maps to find a ghastly location and sent me there so that I meet the local industries around and give him a vital feedback, god knows what that is. Fortunately however the information not being vital enough he called me back. Hello civilization!!


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