The Spirit of Radio

Many of us would certainly have sat in an ‘Effective Communication’ class where an elderly bloke would have demonstrated how visual sense is dominant in humans by typically telling you to touch your chin whilst touching his own oily cheek. Don’t think that you had made fools of yourselves because what that old bird said weirdly was entirely true.

I was wondering the other day why we do not remember the lyrics of the recent songs as much as the aged ones. We now watch all of them in you-tube. When I watch these pop videos how hot the female looks if I can say the word hot is somehow more important to me than what she sings. Modern pop is so terrible that you wouldn’t care about the song anyway. Look at all the pop stars of today; they are all gorgeous for the same reason. But that’s not the point.

Only without the video a human can concentrate entirely on the audio part of it. That brings us neatly to the point. Radio, is it good anymore? Personally I think it’s one of the best inventions. We listen to songs which are brought to us via what we simply know as air.

Today we also have mobiles that can connect you to internet and you can talk to someone living in Jupiter. You can also know what Britney spears had for breakfast. You can download anything you want and you can also sell potatoes on eBay. But where is the spirit of pure listening? Worryingly that’s been missing in the recent days.

The only way people spend time on intensive listening is with their iPods. The problem with that though the sound quality is brilliant is you don’t get to listen to many things even if it comes with a capacity to store the complete collection of all the noises made by pop artists. I own an iPod myself and I love the sound and I love the applications. It has a huge flaw though. You can stop any song in the middle and you can choose any song at an instant and you can entirely dictate what it should do. No matter what you store in it you are not going to listen to more than some thirty favourites and that’s it.

But when you watch a television it’s an endless collection and most importantly you are bound to watch what they play. But television is so ruined nowadays that all channels are filled with some stupid reality shows and serials that I prefer to torture my eyes with lemon for spending time. TV is only meant for watching movies and news. There is nothing that relaxes me.

On the other hand if I listen to the radio I feel rejuvenated. Listening is so much more enhanced without the visual element. It is as though I am talking to an RJ over phone. There aren’t many stations available as there are with television. So we are bound to listen to what is played. Many good tracks are played and we listen to all of them because of not having a choice. So we do listen to our once favourites as well. The result is that we appreciate a great variety of music which we otherwise would have missed. The reason is we get a chance to listen to them. In an iPod we can’t, trust me.

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8 thoughts on “The Spirit of Radio

  1. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  2. Excellent article, I completely agree, and actually just recently my friends and I have discussed this exact topic. what a shame huh? I mean, Im only 16, but when my childhood included hearing all the oldies my dad would play, pop music really isnt anything that you would remember. love it one day, hate it the next.

    also, I absolutely love the design of this blog! CCS user?
    I’m not familiar enough with codes and big words to do my own designing.
    beautiful, well done :)

    1. Good old rock songs have no match indeed.

      I am not a CCS user at all. Some of the newly released themes have really been excellent. I ven’t put any effort for designing as such

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