Change the kindergarten way

Its summer time now which means it’s time for the toddlers to get admitted into kinder garden. It turns out that the selection for this year has already been done. This is not surprising. The most difficult thing to get nowadays is an admission for learning alphabets. Again, it turns out that they are not meant nowadays for learning alphabets.

When I was three, my granddad told my mom to put me in a school. We went to a nearby school and there was a woman in horn rimmed spectacles who, otherwise would have looked like a weasel. When she asked my name, I clearly answered her question after taking my own time. She scared me with a laugh and gave me a candy and from the next week I was into academics.

Now some kids in my family are trying to get into the stream and I am not joking, the last time when I saw them they were reading something that was considerably bigger than my engineering entrance guide. I only viewed from a distance that a particularly curious little niece of mine was looking at a massive table. Periodic table it might have been, I have no clue.

Kids are expected to perform well in maths and science as well which are words that I came to know when I was eight. And they have to have some extracurricular talents. The parents must have got a Masters degree and still be jobless to be able to spend time teaching the kids at home.

Why would they want the parents to teach at home in the first place? If that is the case, what the hell do they do in the classroom? I guess the entire school hours are spent giving the kids some stupid projects and home works and evaluating the previous day’s exercise. There is so much pressure on the kids that they turn violent. When I gave a chocolate to one of my niece while she was cutting out the picture of a weary looking cat she punched me in my eyeballs and it still hurts.

The entire system is stupid. My father when I was in school didn’t know what class I was in. When some friends ask he always told a grade or two less. Still I have not become a plumber.

The teachers think that by giving loads of daft work to the kids they are making them future scientists. Trust me, they aren’t. All good colleges are filled with students who can exactly tell you what is printed on the forty ninth page and those who come from a caste that is not particularly useful the human race.

I think I have got a solution for this problem. What world needs now is science that can take us to other planets not mobile phones that can imitate a dog. What we need to search for in future generation is that curiosity that is missing nowadays because everyone is forced to be oriented to the society because of pressure.

The kids of today are already far more intelligent than their parents, thanks to evolution. So how’s this for a selection method. Let the kid ask questions in the interview. The kid whose questions can’t be answered shall be considered to be the best. I am not sure whether this might really work. But atleast those damn fools will have to know that the kids are more intelligent.


4 thoughts on “Change the kindergarten way

  1. Some very valuable insights into our degrading deuce of an education system. I can’t help but point out that it should’ve been spelt ‘kindergarten’, you see it ain’t a ‘garden’. The first one to comment on the post thinks you’re a trained otter – I hope he/she meant to say ‘author’ and not a dark, slippery fresh-water rodent derivative. Otters are cute animals though.

    1. Thanka a lot for the valuble suggestion. I got that quite wrong there.
      I never liked the idea of being an otter. They are cuddly creatures.
      But they spend the entire life entertaing the river rafters and they become prey to some predator of sorts. They are probably the most stupid.

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