Why should you be a space nut?

I have so far written many things that haven’t really captured the nation’s attention as much as I had hoped. Never mind. I have always maintained that the public transport is horrible, girls are daft, television needs to be better, eco-boxes are ludicrous, yokels are bastards and college education is not so fruitful.

Now, I want to share my thoughts on what really is the most important issue of all, space exploration.

I am sorry, but I really do think that this area hasn’t got as much attention as it needs to. What would have happened if our ancestors weren’t bothered at all to think that what is there in the other side of the sea. We would simply not have moved out from that stone age. I can’t stop thinking that there is a man who is exactly the same as me and thinks that a kindred spirit lives in some other planet of some other sun exactly like me. When I see the sky in the night, I think I am looking at some beaches that are very far away.

Lets get back to history. When the whole thing was done by the Russians it was all jolly well. They weren’t worried much about health and safety, the only motive is to explore. Unfortunately, Russia is a poor nation now and they don’t even have a proper car company. Then all the things started to be done by the Americans and the Nasa. Anyway all the scientists were German or Indian. No matter.

What they wanted was to make a statement to the world that they were doing something revolutionary without proper intention of exploring at all. Sure, they went to some places once or twice ignoring the conspiracies but the progress compared to other industries like computers and television the growth is not so profound.

It is because all the satellites are facing earth, most of them at least are. Some are used for tracking, some for television and radio and some for predicting some useless changes that take place around the earth like Global Warming or something.

It is really irritating to think that the world greatest space station is doing no more than helping an American trucker tell another trucker through satellite radio, “Maene! The weadher is owesume maene! I theink I neeid a whhorree!!!”

There is another reason for this. Today the whole world is obsessed with this climate change, we can start building a wall if we can’t prove that it won’t kill the toads living near that place. You can’t run a small factory if it accidentally drowns a polar bear. That’s exactly the problem. Those hippies poke their noses into everything.

Human beings have been living in this world for about three hundred thousand years and it had taken them ninety nine percent of the total time to invent fire. The fastest jump clearly has taken place in about a few thousand years because that’s when we started to explore and the jump was even more faster in the past several decades because of modern war which is exploring faster.

I suggest instead of worrying about the dead Tasmanian tiger we can start investing in exploring outer space. We can use bio-fuel by pulverizing all the whales and dolphins. Because they can’t even use a bloody gun. We can keep shooting them till they turn up with a bigger gun. As that is not possible why not search for more intelligence outside solar system.

So, there we are. The only way we can go forwards is by going backwards. Ditch the health and safety and sustainable growth. Feed the scientists with coffee to invigorate them and let them build the machine and keep exploring.

We may even as a mathematical certainty end up finding another Keira Knitley.


2 thoughts on “Why should you be a space nut?

  1. thou could have spelled ‘Knightley’ correctly, she ain’t no German. And why is ‘Violence’ missing in your categories and tags? Tell me about it – Those Americans went all the way to the moon and came back without Petrol; they brought some stones however.

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