Ten years and a baby, no matter

Right. There has been a talk about my blog dimming down a bit among my friends as my recent articles were written in a narcissistic tone. I am sorry about that. I couldn’t think of anything wiser.

Plainly I was bored last weekend and I decided to watch TV. Then I tuned into a sports channel waiting to watch Tennis. But they showed the construction of a new roof, of all the things they could have done.

Good news eventually arrived in the form of an exhibition match. An elderly female happily announced that there was going to be an exhibition match played by Agassi, Graf and Kim Clijsters. Tim Henman was also about to join the pursuit, but he was a negligible factor in terms of getting me excited.

Kim Clijsters who is fat and has enormous assets is one of those tennis females which I liked, a lot actually. She went set about to become world’s number one from a hundred and thirty four in just about six months time which was an incredible record. I became very sad when she announced an early retirement when she was at a peek really, at the age of just 23.

Steffi Graf, if you may remember a bit was according to me one of the best tennis angels ever. When I was in school, when I knew nothing about tennis, I adored her for her ponytail, slim figure, smile, grace and her short skirt.

After a clearly epic career which contains a golden slam, she retired in 1999, leaving a twelve year old boy far away in the land of India weeping, me. And she was back after ten years of break and I am happy to report she still looked fit and absolutely fantastic.

Firstly, there was a mixed doubles friendly match where Hen along with the lovely Kim played against Agassis and they won. Honestly I never watch those men at all, because both females after becoming mothers were still playing amazingly good tennis.

Then good news, Hen was beaten in the singles by the bald man.

Finally the moment that I was waiting for arrived, the singles match between Kim and Graf commenced. O, yes. I have to mention, with an age differential of about 14 years it was not a fair match. But I didn’t care. The set was so long because both played brilliantly and I did not want the match to end for ever.

I was then officially the happiest man on the earth.And I became even more happier when the lovely plump Kim announced cheerfully that she is back for the US open and may consider a second career. Wow!

That brings us to a problem. Like I was before 10 years there are a lot of twelve year olds who are deeply affected by the departure of their favourites. If I have a son and he weeps when Ana Ivanovic retires I will certainly understands his concerns. Because she is desperately pretty, I will be with him and will even share his pain.

So, here is an idea to think about. Why not have a match like this as an opening ceremony for the tournaments every year, because they are so good. It will attract a lot of attention and lot of money, but most important of all it will make someone much far away from the ground extremely happy.


4 thoughts on “Ten years and a baby, no matter

  1. It was nice to see you struggle to spell out the German lady’s name. You’ve clearly made 3 unsuccessful attempts – By the way it is ‘Steffi Graf’
    Might I also point out that you’ve overlooked Miss Kournikova!

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