Kerala – the boy’s own adventure

These words are taken out from the original post

…..If you go to a place where every idiot goes in summer what you do there is predictable. You spend half the time standing in a queue behind some lorry driver or some yokel with a beard telling you about queue etiquette and spend the rest of the time under water falls bathing in the urine of whoever is stronger than you and be able to go further….

I made sense you know, “We are going to a place where you see the pristine beauty of Mother Nature, a place where no one wants to go, Kerala”.

……Due to the unique way the state government transport corporation is funded and most of the people being cheap skates there aren’t any luxury buses to places that are less than two hundred miles away. Two hundred miles! We traveled sitting on a broken seat in some bus with a tractor engine in it, having a top speed of twenty five miles an hour, running on some pre-historic suspension filled with rattles, squeaks and vibrations.Being bachelors, that was all right for us. That gruesome journey eventually ended in Wynad…..

…… Yeah, we went to a wild life park for a safari, sort of. A cute little girl instantly attractive rode with us. I was cocking about my knowledge in wild life.. The only thing we did not see was animals. When we were talking about elephants, we did meet some of them. We didn’t get quite close to them. I was just exclaiming ‘Sweet!”, again not being able to say something wiser… We walked past the zoo entrance waving good bye to the girl, a rather sad moment.

…Next morning we went to some Islands, sort of… There was dirty water, sharp edged rocks that seem to wait to break someone’s skull, and some other rocks which were as smooth as silk and as slimy as a snail’s mucus…

…..We soon set off for the water falls. This time the view was unbelievable and we saw the pristine beauty that we had been waiting for… I tell you nothing prepares you for a shock when you go there for the first time…

…When we were about to leave, We could not let the place go off that easily as we really came to like that it. And that view we decided was a tribute to our selfless, true, divine, god-created, never waning fabulous friendship which at that point of time stood above all. “This is just about the most astonishing places I have ever been”.

……When we set out we thought it would be as easy as eating chips. But it wasn’t. The place was brutal and unforgiving. But try counting the number of strikes happening there every week as an exercise. There is a sense of darkness all around the place. The people do not do a thing and when they do it isn’t good to anyone in any particular way. And how many of them like to stay there? And from what state we have maximum NRIs? As a place for everyday living though, it is horrid.

But it will do exceptionally well for a jaunt for some good old fun with a good old friend, a short experience, an experience which is wonderful. It is as good a place to visit just like we did as it is bad to live in. It is mind you, properly brilliant for a boy’s own adventure.


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