Deluxe torture

It was a cold night. I was sitting aside the window and was looking out. Many vehicles were passing by. I was feeling a blizzard. I heard the sound of shattering glasses surrounding me in all directions. Entire world seemed to vibrate with an irritating squeal. I suddenly felt like I will be thrown out through the window when the bus took a turn. My watch showed 00:30 A.M.

That day I had reached the bus station by 9:30 P.M. an hour earlier than the scheduled time. My uncle had reserved a seat for me to travel from Chennai to Trichy. I saw some decent buses with the word ‘Ultra deluxe’ written on them. We were waiting for an hour and then some thing different from the ultras came at around 10:30P.M. It looked horrible and seemed to be too old for the business. As it came closer I saw it was scheduled to depart by 9:25. So alongside many people I was waiting, walking here and there, looking enviously at other superior buses.

People who had not reserved for anything got comfy seats, damn they. At last an even worse bus arrived. My worst fears became true, it was the one I had to travel in. A couple of minutes after I entered the bus I found only ten people inside.

To reverse that ugly box and to move it out of the station it took 20 bloody minutes for the driver. As we started to gain momentum I heard all kinds of noises and experienced all possible vibrations. I was just happy that at least it was empty. At 1:00A.M a group of people entered. A lame slim man, an old man, a moronic well built man, a malnourished woman with two irritating kids, a dark man fully loaded with drugs, some local students with no manners at all, a pathetic family and at last a man in sixties with a young wife. Then I covered myself in a blanket;I had to protect myself against the cold breeze.

6:30 A.M. I just woke up hoping that the torture would be over after some time. My heart skipped a beat when I read a board reading ” Chennai 194 Trichy 128″. O! shit I was still so far away from destination. Worst of all nature was calling me. After 90 hostile minutes they stopped somewhere near a dabha for breakfast. I was happy and soon had my meeting with nature. At 8:15 we left. After an hour we were some 25 miles away from the city. I saw a tragedy. A boy was hit by a car and died on the spot itself. When our bus slowly passed by his relatives were loudly weeping. Other lady was lying with her face on the floor and screaming. It looked terrible. Finally at 10:30 I reached the station and obviously couldn’t attend classes that day.

You will be feeling bad about what happened to that boy. I can understand. Forget it and be happy come on! Ok! ok! I will tell you a joke. Fine then? Hmm! They were calling that bus “Super deluxe”

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