Concept Car ! !

Since all the latest concepts are rubbish, I have come up with a new concept car. As you can see I am not a good artist.
Nowadays a concept car promises biblical performance or on the other end people are talking about battery cars.
Clearly a country like India faces problems like Petrol Price hikes, High city Traffic, lack of parking space. On the other hand passengers are keen on safety, Comfort, satisfaction and afford ability and also performance.
Many cars score well on one or more aspects but lack on the rest of them too. I think I have got the solution.
I am calling this concept ‘hope’. This car has an ordinary front wheel drive layout driven by 1.0 or 1.2 liter aluminum engines. The rear wheels are powered by a 30NM electric motor.
Alloys, fuel cut off when braking and deceleration, good aerodynamics and light weight can result in an incredible mileage. The car will just weigh around 650 – 700 kilos.
The dimensions will be small as well. The gear box will also be simple, a five speed manual.
Steering will be direct. The car is bound to handle well and ABS is there to save the day.
In spite of being nimble and peppy this would still be cheap. The entire money is on the engine and chassis.
This car is a focussed light weight car with no air con and stereos. The interiors can accommodate three adults.
This kind of car is the only solution to meet the emission norms without sacrificing performance err, by sacrificing things which we do not actually need in a car.
This is not exactly a three seater, a fold-able seat can be used to seat two persons at the cost of luggage space. A tiny additional luggage space is there though.
Many people asked me why I think of such weird concepts. It is clearly practical. Okay, This does not have the passion of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. But this has got everything an Indian needs.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I thought why there was no affordable coupe. Does an Indian not deserve sporty looking cars? Won’t those type of cars become affordable?
Yes, It can. This idea a just the result of my yen for the sporty cars in India. But I am afraid this is going to stay in my drawing board for ever!


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