Complex Green

We have been told that it is the bloody humans who has almost destroyed the environment for his own comfort and made it hostile for his fellow beings.

But as far as I can see, today the are all talking about saving the environment by making eco-friendly cars, for his own survival though. So wherever I go some words like ‘hybrid’ , ‘electric’, ‘bio-diesel’, ‘fuel cell’ are heard by me. So every manufacturer wants to make sure that they install some green technology crap so that they can say to press that they are contributing. But the truth is they aren’t and they can’t actually.

Many have tried solar vehicles in vein. The humble energy available from that won’t do. Some have successfully manufactured electric cars, but I am afraid it can’t pull a fellow even as fat as me. Again this may prove futile over time I guess.

The fuel cell technology seemed promising. ‘That is the future for automobiles’ – a sensible thought. Wait! But do we get the bloody hydrogen in shops? First do research for ways to get it and store it before making wheels powered by it.

Finally hybrid technology alone has emerged successful and all makers showcase them in every show without fail. But still it does not replace fossil fuels totally.

LPG is a good alternative but in the long run it won’t work. If every one wants to use it the price will be increased and also containing hydrocarbons it isn’t that green actually.

So there comes the final contender, the biological fuel. Recently the M-Maker showcased cars powered by bio diesel. There is even a supercar that runs on it.

Now the emissions have been brought under control quite a bit. Even then we are getting some CO2.

Researches have been done trying to use other biological elements to get energy without combustion. But they have a pathetic efficiency and a lot of fuel is needed, I mean in industrial quantum. So all plants will be used up. O dear! Then how will environment be green?

The recent thing is using urine in the exhaust system to reduce emissions. I am not joking.

Then they started diet exercise for cars. All cars lost weight some years ago and still are losing.

The People needed too much comfort. That adds to the weight of the car. So, here comes the solution. Ultimately the need for comfort and laziness are the culprits.

We can contribute to environment if we just want a car, not a house inside it. Where was pollution in the age of bi-cycles? Today humans don’t want to move their asses and they keep it buried in those automatically adjustable seats. Small things like window glass opening, seat adjustment have to be made manual, I must say.

Instead of peeing into the exhaust, all the things must be made lean. So less number of parts, simple design, sufficient comfort and engine with just enough power will have to do.

That was exactly the case in eighties with cars like MK1 Golf and Minis.

After applying a lot of complex techniques and doing a lot of complex research and analyzing all those complex parameters, the complex minds have finally found solution at last. “Avoid complexity”
That means go back to old designs. I honestly believe a car from old era with a modern engine is the solution for this.
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