Cars for all

I am not going to talk about Ratan Tata’s idea of “car for all” .

When I say ‘car for all’, I never mean cars that men with sparse money can afford. We need to look into this problem from a different perspective.

Nano may be a wonderful piece of Engineering and when cost matters it is in its own class. As a matter of fact, the transmission system alone of a typical European car costs more than the cost of Nano. That is not our problem.

Still people don’t get what they exactly need for money they spend. If engineers can design a hatch for such a knock out price why don’t we get a coupe for even ten times the amount.

It is not that the market is week for sports cars in india, but they are far too expensive for them to buy.

Even in the case if existing cars people can’t find the perfect variant. Manufacturers design the packages for all the variants just focusing the price range.

Just give us a list of engine options, aesthetic enhancements and other kits. Let us choose each of them independently.

By doing so people can buy fast car cheap if they don’t on the gadgets. Or people can save money in brakes and turbos and get a very comfortable car. What if one wants to get nothing more than a powerful car?

I just want to spend all the money for the engine, what is wrong with that?


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