Bike trip to Kolli hills

Once in a while we do such things. Still it is a great way to get away from your routine and have oodles of fun. I was ready to just do it with my fresh TVS star city 110 CVTI……

……..We for eternity pursue Robert Frost’s code of taking the way that is less traveled by. We were on the narrower but more scenic SH-25 that will take us to Namakkal via Thuraiur (90 KM)……

……It was one of the most pleasurable roads I have ever seen. Very narrow, somewhat rough to test your suspension only a bit, sparse traffic, that too rare sights of solitary men and mopeds, kind curves and the best of all, really scenic. It was a delight, I felt honestly and beyond sixty the ride was an ecstasy.

……Boating in a small lake was our earliest program and it was just a five kilometer drive. The charge we paid for the boat was exceptionally cheap and the lake too looked in fact pretty….

……We very soon went back to our room, charged the camera for some time and traveled to the view point. But this time , the curves were neither mild nor there were hairpins, so we kind of raced to our destination. Making turns with a small radius at respectable speeds with your motorcycle leaning, that too, on a sandy tarmac… you can envisage the amount of fun we had. We kept revving all the way to the view point. The view of the hills from the watch tower was spectacular….

…..We stopped at a terrific view of agricultural land and took some more photos yet again. We finally read a sign reading Akasaganga and in minutes we were at our spot where there was a giant water falls…..

……Two of us approached the foot of the cataract through slippery rocks. The rocks were patchy and a great care must be taken as they were slimy too. The spray was a real hammer and those few minutes would take you to a paradise really, ultimate! ……..

…..At night we just went out for a thirty minute drive to sense hairpins in pillar darkness and were soon back to bed…

…..Our bikes, came downhill with the same passion, were driven through the villages with the same drama, were raced to Namakkal with the same vengeance, touched almost eighty five, a maximum from my tiny mill and then I put a hasty brake, a puppy in front of my wheels running left away from me……

…..In this trip, I uncovered tons of delight and there was something even more for me…… I have never been to any kind of place to do a fun trip – unplugged.

….In my lifetime, so far I have been lacking a bit in passion in doing a thing that I am crazy about. This time though, MY GOD!!!…….

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2 thoughts on “Bike trip to Kolli hills

  1. i am using my uncle’s two wheeler for bike trip. i have all the papers like RC book, insurance and a NOC, is there any problem for me not to use that bike? please any one guide me.

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