“This shirt won’t suit you” my friend told me in a local shopping complex.
“May be you can try out that pink shirt”, another friend added.
“Pink? No way! I will better be without one than having a pink shirt.”
“Why? That shirt looks pretty cool”
“No man! I shall not allow to let myself down”.
“Don’t hate pink so much. Girls generally do like pink. What if your girl friend likes pink?”
“If that is the case, I will say Good bye forever to that bitch. Okay let’s get rid of this useless argument. I am done with all the stuff here. Shall we go to some other place?”
We all came out of the shop. One of the friends left as he had some serious work. I sat on my bike to go to some other shop. But the traffic was so heavy that we couldn’t cross the road quickly.
One girl got my attention. She was wearing a pink dress and was on a pink scooter. “Why do girls like this bullshit?” I asked my friend.
“Man! An age old question! But I don’t know.”
She stopped in front of the shop and parked her scooter. “See, every damn thing she is wearing is bloody pink, but I do like that black helmet alone”
When she took the helmet off, about half of the men around had a heart attack; others didn’t have one I suppose. Needless to say, she was an angel. She went into the shop where we came out from.
I had already locked my bike again and was re-entering into the mall following her.
“What do we have to do here? You told we are going to leave”- Friend said.
“O! Yes”
“I mean; let me think. Okay at least we shall check out some jewels. I have heard it is jolly cheap in here.”
“But you don’t wear them, Right?”
“I don’t, but sometimes I do”
“It is already late”. I was just looking at her face and was thinking about what awards she might have won for her beauty. A couple of times she noticed me. I then pretended to see some jewels and saw her through those tiny gaps.
“This is plain. We can look for some stylish stuff.”, he wailed.
“This chain looks too good. I am going to buy this one”
“Shit! This is a necklace for girls man!” – He laughed.
“Let us check other things out here”
“What do you what to buy?”
“Let us explore this mall and then decide” Again following her we entered another division. “What are you guys doing here?” – A harsh voice of the watchman it was.
“We are customers”.
“But this place sells stuff related to females”.
“I see”.
Luckily she came out soon and went to a fruit stall.
“Man I am hungry”- I told.
“That is what I was about to say. Let us go to Pizza hut. Or do you want to go to any particular restaurant?”.
“This is summer. Pizzas contain too much fat”, I politely suggested.
“So what?”
“Fruits are better for our health.”
My friend was staring at me; that look definitely said something like ‘you idiot!’ Without a word I rushed to the fruit stall.
My friend asked “I want watermelon juice. What shall I order for you?”
“Anything that is not pink”.
She ordered, “Watermelon juice please! No ice, less sugar”. It showed that girls always take care of their health and are cautious about the calories they eat.
“Watermelon is good for health; my mother tells me that always. Order the same for me too”.
She received the service first. Though there was a big crowd, I think they have a quota for beautiful girls. But I was worried that she might leave after the drink.
The next turn was ours. After a few seconds we got the juice I finished it and my friend was already holding the glass high and inverted with his mouth waiting for those last sweetest drops containing non-dissolved sugar. At that time she had just had a few small sips. After some more time she reached half the level and kept the rest on the table. She then took a pink purse out of her handbag. She then finally took out the most shocking thing, a pink key-chain, not because it is pink but it reminded me that she would leave, she might leave from my life forever. Then I followed her for a while.
She was not comfortable after noticing me this time and rushed to her scooter. When she left I ran to my bike and started it in no time. I had a difficulty in shifting gear, sort of. When she was more than a hundred meters far away I pressed the gear with some force and accelerated as quickly as possible.
Immediately I felt facing danger. “O! No!”
But I was safe sitting on my bed. I could sense the thrust created when a bike is accelerated too much and a possibility of myself ending up on someone else’s dashboard.
I had a chance to experience such a dream because of two things. One is my desire of having a girlfriend like the one I said and the other my hatred towards pink. This has to be one of the most beautiful simulations my mind ever did because I saw both what I like and what I don’t.
But after this wonderful feeling, I have been giving respect to pink as it is so feminine and should I say beautiful in a way. But I don’t have a passion for it. So pink still can’t come into my world. No bloody way!!!
Initially posted in the blog “TANTALIZING TEXTURES”


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